The Little Eliza

Welcome to The Little Eliza. This is my blog, welcome to my crazy world. I’m 26 from Nottinghamshire and I like to write film reviews and did I mention that I have a pug called Thanos? 
My name is Kathryn and here is a little info about me: In my spare time I like to read, write and sometimes paint. I also enjoy going to conventions such as Star Trek and Horror Con! My fave part has to be making friends with people who cosplay as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers! Also much love to Twilight Ghost Hunts as they are the best paranormal group I have met. I like to think I’m a good person but once I start talking it’s hard to shut me up. 
I suffer with Depression but I try to not let it affect my life, I like to help others who are dealing with Depression and general Mental Health.. I’m an open book, ask me questions and I’ll tell no lies.  So everyone, welcome To The Little Eliza. ❤