Good Morning

Good Morning everyone.

Yet again I have struggled to get any sleep and from what I can remember I fell asleep after 2 am. I used to have bad insomnia and I think it’s making a come back. I’m not even feeling great today because I feel depressed and I have yet to take my medication.

My medication sometimes helps but recently I have felt numb like I can’t feel anything.. When I stopped taking it for a couple of months I thought I was fine and that I was happy. I wasn’t I was just living a lie. I started taking the medication again and I was ill for a day or two and then I was fine.. But I don’t want to take it. I’m fed up with where my life is at.

I think I should maybe read a book or drink some more coffee, I know this feeling at the moment shall pass but sometimes it stays for days. Depression sucks and I hate it and sometimes I wish I could just die. But obviously it’s just a thought and I’m not actually going to attempt to kill myself. I just feel alone and down. You know, just having a low moment or a bad day.

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