Star Trek; Voyager

I want to talk about something that I LOVE!!

I absolutely love Star Trek Voyager for me it’s one of the best shows ever, I know there’s other Star Trek’s but Voyager was my favorite. I actually used to think this was all real when I was younger even though I know that star-ships don’t actually exist but we can all dream right?

My favourite characters are Captain Kathryn Janeway, B’Elanna Torres, Tom Paris, Chakotay, Harry Kim, Neelix and Tuvok.. Well all of them!! They are all my favorites but I wasn’t so keen on Kes..I don’t know why but she wasn’t my main favorite character. I have to admit it would of been nice to see Kathryn with Chakotay and I know I speak for all of the fangirls and the J/C shippers!! Though some believe Kathryn would of been best suited with Seven Of Nine but I’m not too sure even though I’ve seen so many fanfiction about the two of them.


Kate Mulgrew who played Captain Kathryn Janeway is by far my favorite actress and role model, I think she is amazing and so beautiful..She’s been my woman crush since I was 11 XD but I’ve watched her since I was 11 and I’ve even read her book “Born With Teeth” kate has helped me get through so much in my life and she doesn’t even know that I exist but I owe her a lot and if I ever met her it would be a life goal complete..Well one of them.


I have Star Trek Voyager books and the boxset and some other star trek books including a star trek quiz book that has questions from all star treks. I’m such a nerd and I’m so proud of it!! I’m hoping to go to Destination Star Trek London in October!!  Though it’s actually being held in Birmingham.

STAR TREK VOYAGER IS AWESOME! – From the nerd! LLAP \\// =/\=

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