Dating Sites

Dating sites are supposed to be great right? I’m on two at the moment and I want to talk about Dating Sites.

I’m on which is alright but if you’re female like me you’ll get the odd messages which are from guys wanting sex or just want nudes or even threesomes. I change my preference from Men to Women because I like both so I give both genders a shot.

I think dating sites are good in some ways..But sometimes you could be talking to someone who are not who they say they are, and lucky for me that’s never happened. But you have to stay safe. I’m also on OkCupid which is basically for everyone of all genders and sexuality’s but I’ve not really had much luck on that one.

I met my second Girlfriend from POF and we didn’t have a date but we spoke for a while and then we got together for about 3 months and I dumped her because of personal reasons.. Led to Emotional Abuse but that’s all I’ll say. We are somewhat friends though when she can be bothered to reply to my messages which seems like never.

What’s the best and worst date you’ve ever had? I want to know. 🙂

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