The Dothraki Girl

I know I haven’t posted in awhile because I have been so busy helping my friend with her 2 kids and it’s been so much fun and I haven’t seen them for maybe 3-5 years. I absolutely adore her kids though so I’m helping her from Thursday to Monday but I go home on Mondays, and today I saw Amelia which is her daughter ride her bike on her own for the first time and I’m so proud of her! I really want kids.

I help with cooking and cleaning and taking Amelia to bed when she’s fell asleep on the sofa.. I’m bit like a Nanny I suppose because I cook, Clean and make sure the kids have had a bath and read bed time stories to Amelia and even though it’s not a job and I’m doing this on my own back because my friend Roxie is like family to me so I’d help her with anything.

Plus I have a whole new wardrobe thanks to Roxie and Jessica so I guess this means I can dress girly now and stop wearing men’s clothes 😛 I love my new clothes though. I’m so much happier now than I was before and I haven’t been taking my medication because I don’t need it right now. The kids and Roxie and her family make me happy and just being around Amelia is like fresh air to me. But I am home for at least a week now because I’m taking a little break and then I’m going back to help out again.

If anyone else needs a hand just ask but I will charge for others though. 😀

love ya.

Xo Cat Xo

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