Star Trek Voyager Protectors

Hey Everyone,  I wanted to share an opinion with you and I’d also like to hear your thoughts.

I’ve been reading Star Trek Voyager; Protectors by Kirsten Beyer and whilst I’ve been reading this book there’s an incident in the Paris family.

Tom Paris’s mother Julia believe’s that Tom is an unfit father because he had to lie to his mother because of the Gre’thor Warriors that threatened the life of his daughter Miral Paris and his wife B’Elanna Torres. So Julia is trying to get custody of Miral Paris without the knowledge of Tom or B’Elanna. What do you think about this?

I think she shouldn’t be so quick to judge when these warriors wanted to find Miral to kill her as she was supposedly a savior to the Gre’thor Warriors and so Tom and B’Elanna hatched a plan and that plan was B’Elanna faking her death along side Miral until the Warriors stopped looking Miral.

I believe that Julia Paris should speak to Tom & B’Elanna before taking them to court but she’s taking them to court anyway even when Kathryn Janeway told her not to. I hope she doesn’t get custody of Miral because Tom & B’Elanna are great parents and are expecting their second child. A son.

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