Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr…

Hey Guys & Gals.

I absolutely love Tumblr, I’ve made a second Tumblr dedicated to Lesbians because us lesbians are super cute with squishy boobs and long hair. Then there’s me 😉 If you want to follow my blogs then you can. I’ll post them at the end of this blog.

My first Tumblr Blog is dedicated to Star Trek Voyager but I actually share everything on there and I mean everything. From girls to puppies to space to food and so on etc etc etc 😛

I love Voyager SO MUCH because I get to see so many photos of Kate Mulgrew and Robert Beltran and it’s so amazing. Kate is so adorable and amazing and I love her. Robert Beltran is super cute too and he was so great portraying Commander Chakotay!


My new blog is called The-Lesbian-Blogger and it’s just me wanting to see photos of other lesbians and talk to other lesbians and share the cutesy quotes and boobs. I like boobs and I like girls.

Here are my tumblr links if you want to follow me!



Xo Kathryn Xo

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