Destination Star Trek Europe

Hey Everyone.

I have some EXCITING news! I’m going to my FIRST EVER convention which is being held in Birmingham and I’m super excited because I’m going to meet Garrett Wang and I’ll possibly awkwardly say hello to Robert Duncan McNeil as well as some others who will be there.

I’m more nervous to meet Garrett because he is/was one of my favorites from Star Trek Voyager and he played Ensign Harry Kim so me meeting him is HUGE and so I can’t contain myself and so I’m panicking on what I’ll say or ask him because I have never done anything like this and I never thought in my life time that I’d be meeting Garrett Wang nor being face to face with him. I mean his an actor and I have never met an actor from one of my favorite shows that has helped me mentally and psychically. Star Trek Voyager has helped with my depression, abuse and bullying that I faced when I was younger so meeting Garrett means a lot to me and it’s a huge deal. What do you even ask a celebrity? Because I have no idea and I don’t want to scream in his face XD I don’t want to be one of them people who screams in their face because they don’t know what to say or do.

But I’m so excited and this becomes more real for me on Saturday. I cannot wait. I shall get as many photos as I can and I shall post them here when I have enough.

xo Kathryn xo

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