Meeting @GarrettRWang

me-and-garrett-wangHey everyone. :)

On Saturday 8th I met
the awesome Garrett Wang who played Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager. My anxiety was absolutely crazy before I met him and I had a lovely crew member help me calm down after I was talking so much and talking about personal things so she hugged me and said “Everyone needs a hug” I couldn’t remember her name but if you see this.. Thank you so much! Your hug was something I’ve needed for such a long time and it meant so much to me.

When I arrived at the NEC i had a lovely member of staff bring me to Garrett and I waited for him as he was doing a live talk and me and Garrett were talking to each other through twitter privately and he was texting me whilst he was on one of the live shows which I thought was amazing. He was talking to me during his live show like what :O

At first he didn’t see me when he walked towards his table so I walked towards him andgarrett-wang said Hi and he said Hi back and gave me a hug and asked if I was okay and did I show the staff that we’ve been talking so they knew that I was to be brought to him etc and I had to calm myself down because I was excited and so nervous because I couldn’t believe I was talking to the man who played Harry Kim. The chair next to him was Martha Hackett’s (Seska)
volunteers chair and Garrett tapped the chair and said “Tris come sit here” and so I did. When I was sitting next to him I said to myself that this is so surreal and he said so surreal? And I said yeah because I never imagined myself being here and then I gave him my drawing of him as Pikachu and when there was no one wanting autographs he played a bit of Pokemon go and I asked if he had caught a Pikachu yet and he said yes. He is such a down to earth guy!

At 12 pm I had my photo with Garrett and he was in a yellow uniform which was supposed to be Harry Kim’s uniform but it wasn’t because it didn’t fit him so he had to use a clip at the back of the uniform so it would look like it would fit. It was amazing to see everyone have their photo with him. The best part for me was when I joined the queue to have my photo taken I heard Garrett say “There she is” and I was going to just stand next to him and then he hugged me so I hugged him back and our photo is awesome and I love the picture so much.

I was really nervous to meet him because he was told some personal things about me which I originally wanted to tell him face to face but I thought I wouldn’t be able to so I had his girlfriend Megan Elise do it for me. She is so lovely and when I talk to her she makes me feel so much better and talking to her about personal things makes me a lot happier because I can trust her with anything.

I do have to say that Meeting Garrett Wang was a lifetime goal that I have finally completed because I am a doubter and I always did think I’d never meet him and have a photo with him like all the other people his met but then came Saturday and I sat with him and chatted with him and he made me feel so at ease and I’m so happy that I got the chance to meet him and talk to him. When I got on the train and the bus home I tried my best not to cry because I didn’t want random people to see me crying. I did cry when I got home because I was so happy and proud of myself because I finally met him and it meant the absolute world to me and meeting him was such an honor and a day I’ll never forget.

Also just as I was about to leave I gave Garrett another hug (3 in total 😀 ) he asked me “Have you got everything” “Did you have fun” and I said yes and then hugged him and said that I would message him directly on twitter so he would know that I got home safe and he said okay. He is the most amazing guy & actor I’ve met and I owe him so much.

Thank you Megan because I wouldn’t of met him if it wasn’t for you! ❤


xo Tris xo

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