The Girl Rides Again

When I was 12 I started Horse Riding and that was something that was very important to me at the time and it still means a lot to me now even though I haven’t rode a horse for 7 years. Horse riding was amazing to me when I was 12, it allowed me to escape the bad things that happened at home and the bullying that happened at school. I would go every weekend and work my butt off and never get paid for it but I’d do it anyway and it always made me happy.




Here’s me when I was 12 years old, I was happy when I was horse ridding it gave me a buzz that made me so happy and it was helping me way more than anyone knew.



I had a favorite horse called Tartan.. He was my baby and the first horse that I jumped with.. I came fourth at my first jump night at the riding stables but he did it all for me because he was so excited and I never fell off I just slid to the side of the saddle and then I went to the bottom school where they did lessons and I did a canter with no hands just holding the rains whist I was in canter on Tartan… I remember falling asleep in his stables once and he was licking my face.. Best memory of him that I have.. Best horse ever.



This is Tartan, the photo was taken by someone that I used to be friends with. His such a beautiful horse and far as I know he went lame and was sold..I never saw him or rode him again.



When I was 16 I rode a horse called Charlie, he was a character alright.. He only would let you brush one side of him and if you tried to brush the other side of him he’d push you away with his bum so you’d have to use a lead rope and tie him up. He was great to ride he was not too fast and not too slow either.. I once fell off him because the horse ridding instructors dog started barking so Charlie got scared and bolted and ran off and he ran one way and I fell off him on to cobble stones.. It was the first time I’d ever fell off a horse and it was hilarious and slightly painful.. But in all it was still hilarious.



Here’s me on Charlie when I was 16 and still new to horse ridding so I wasn’t like the posh riders with their own boots and a body protector. Charlie was one of my favorite horses to ride. Such a sweet horse.



Now I told you I haven’t rode a horse for 7 years and that is true.. Until today, I originally met with my friend Hannah to pick up some books she was getting rid of and I helped her muck up some horse poop that was left by Ivy & Isla. I ended up feeding Isla & Ivy and Wellington & Sam some carrots and I’m sure their eyes almost popped out as horses get excited when they see carrots lol. Anyway, thanks to my lovely friend Hannah I got to ride Ivy who is a beautiful horse and she looks like she’s a baby but she’s not. I was anxious to ride her at first just because I have been out of the saddle for 7 years but I still knew how to work the rains. It felt absolutely amazing to be back in the saddle and gave me that buzz back that I had when I was 12. Hannah led Ivy for me to start off with and we went on a little hack and even trotted..Now that was the best part.. It made me feel so alive especially when the wind was blowing on my face and I had that adrenaline rushing through me. It was brilliant and felt like old times again. Like I was 12 all over again.



Here’s a photo of me taken by Hannah.. This photo means so much to me even though I look like I’m holding the rains a bit too much but that was because I was anxious and normally I wouldn’t do that. Riding Ivy was the best day ever considering I haven’t rode a horse for more than 7 years so it was a big deal for me. Being in that saddle made me realize what I lost about myself and what I gained again. I want to throw myself back into horse riding and do it again.. I want to get the proper riding gear before I decide to throw myself back in the deep end.


I love horses and they’re my favorite animal and have always liked them,  I think I did 5 years of horse riding and 7 years is a long time to be out of the saddle so if I really do throw myself back into horse ridding then I’m going to throw myself in the deep end. I know I can do it if my hearts in it.

Here’s to a new me. 🙂

xo Tris xo

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