Be happy and smile

hey everyone.

I know I haven’t posted for awhile but I’m posting now. I don’t go to college anymore so that’s one less stress to worry about but now I have a new one. I have insomnia, again.

I sleep around 3 am even 6 am it’s just when my body feels it’s time to sleep. I’ve been waking up at stupid hours like 5pm and then I’m wide awake and hyper and then wide awake till 4/6 am. I would love to hear from other people who have or had insomnia so I can maybe workout how to get rid of it or change my sleep patterns.

Now to the good stuff, I recently got a new book called “The girl with all the gifts” a friend of mine suggested it to me and so I brought it though I’ve not read it yet. I’m in the middle of reading Twilight and Star Trek: Voyager Acts of Contrition. They’re really amazing and I still haven’t finished Paper Towns by John Green. I have way too many books and little space to put them all.

Also.. I’ve finally got a new phone.. IPhone 6s Plus and I love it, it allows me to talk to my friends who live in different countries and by talking I mean FaceTime and iMessage as my some of my friends don’t own iPhones. My camera is great and the music quality is outstanding.

With my Mental Health I was given medication to help me sleep which turned out to be antidepressants which don’t help me in the slightest but my annoying friend insomnia is here to keep me company. Yay.

I also want to thank those who have recently followed me and liked my other blogs it’s means a great deal to me.

Also happy bonfire night and please be safe whilst celebrating.

“Remember Remember 5th November”

xo Tris xo

13 thoughts on “Be happy and smile

      1. I understand that, I had that problem but the antidepressants I’m on daily took care of it. Maybe try some decaf tea? Lavender may help but don’t quote me!

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      2. Tea without caffeine! It’s like decaf coffee but tea! You just have to search for “tea without caffeine.” Honestly, I may have made up the term “decaf tea” on my own xD Herbal teas usually don’t have caffeine. And you’re welcome!!! I hope it helps!

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      3. Hopefully she’ll get me some, I remember when I lived in my shared house. I brought some but was too scared to try it and my service user said at the time. It’s tea it won’t kill you 😂

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      4. I was also hesitant on trying it! But I gave in and tried a sip. Then later a few more sips. Now I love it! Sometimes I’ll get the tea with caffeine in it and drink that when I need energy, is much better than a cup of coffee!

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