Sleep deprived 

Hey everyone, 

I actually didn’t know what to name this blog, I haven’t slept much in about a week I took a sleeping tablet last night but it didn’t really work as I had woken up at 2 am. I didn’t even fall back to sleep so I ended up watching some Big Bang Theory witch was really good and then I started playing Star Trek Timelines. 

I feel like I have no energy and no motivation to do anything it literally feels like a challenge to drag myself out of bed to get dressed or eat breakfast. I just feel like a walking zombie.. I just drink coffee to stay awake now, it doesn’t help but it keeps me awake because I’m not sleeping and I don’t like the dark when I’m awake so I have to genially play something to help me drift off.

I have my hospital appointment tomorrow so I’ve asked my mom to wake me up as I don’t want to oversleep because I haven’t been waking up till 4pm. The only thing I’m thankful for is my phone because I can use music to drift off to sleep when it works.

At the moment I’ve just changed my sheet on my bed and now I’m laying on my bed on my stomach because my back hurts but I’m going to change my duvet and then continue reading “The Girl With All The Gifts” it’s such a brilliant book. I literally felt like I had to write this blog so I can get some stuff off my mind.

xo Tris xo 

P.S enjoy this picture. ❤️️

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