Working Out

Hey everyone,

You all know that I’ve been suffering with Insomnia lately and today I decided to do a work out so guess what? I did a workout.

  • 6 minute full body workout
  • 6.5 minute yoga section (2 rounds of yoga)
  • 20 sit-ups, 24 flutter kicks and 20 seconds of plank.

I literally feel a lot better within myself and I do feel tired so maybe my idea of working out to kick Insomnia’s butt might have paid off 😉 I’m going to try and stick to this so that I’m being healthy and toning up my body whilst I’m at it but as I do this daily my body will get better with the sit-ups and flutter kicks.

I also went to see my good friend Stacey and she made me feel loads better, we had a good gossip and we geeked out over The Walking Dead which last nights episode was amazing but I still hate Negan like his such an ass! Still can’t get over that Glenn & Abraham were killed off they were my favorites. 😥

Anyway, doing these workouts have made me feel a little better and changed my mood and tomorrow I will be doing 26 sit-ups 22 flutter kicks and 20 seconds of plank! oh and run up and down the stairs maybe 20 times. I’m hoping I can stick to this and get a good balanced diet too. Got any healthy snack suggestions? send them my way. ❤





xo Tris xo

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