The sweetest thing 

I met this dog yesterday, she’s called Tinkerbell. Her jumper attracted me because it had a penguin on it and when I started stroking her she’d cry when I stopped stroking her and look at me with sad eyes so I stroked her until her owner came back and she jumped up and gave me a kiss. Seeing dogs helps with my depression and I was glad to keep this baby company for few minutes. 💕

Being around animals such as dogs cats and horses makes me feel so much better about myself and meeting this dog really boosted my mood especially when she jumped up and kissed me. It was the sweetest thing ever.​

I’ve always gone up to random cats and dogs in the street and talk to them like I do humans but with dogs I let them sniff me first before I get all 5 year old on them. I’m not allowed my own dog unless my mom chooses.

If you have a dog or cat please email me pictures of them. It’ll make me so happy.

xo Tris xo

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