The Girl With The Blog 

Hey everyone, 

I know I haven’t posted in awhile I guess I just got busy well I wasn’t actually busy. I’ve been sleeping and playing Grand Theft Auto on my Xbox with some new friends that I’ve made. 

My depression isn’t too bad but I looked like Penny from The Big Bang Theory where she had food in her hair! I didn’t shower for probably a week but I’m nice and clean again now but my bedroom is a sight for sore eyes. 

I still haven’t heard from the Horizan therapy group so I don’t know when my therapy will start and I think it needs to start soon considering me and my mom got on a fight over bubbles and me playfully slapping her butt, she threatened to hit me so obviously I said come on and I’m a kinda person who’s like don’t just say it do it. So she did and she grabbed me by my neck and I just missed her face. OVER BUBBLES. 

So I’m going to stay with my friend Stacey for a few days which I’m looking forward to because it’s some time away from my mom which I’ve needed for a long time as my mom is petty much my trigger. 

I’ve taken 3 books with me to read and they are: The Girl On The Train, The Girl With All The Gifts and Star Trek Voyager Acts Of Contrition! The Girl On The Train is supposedly really good and I’m looking forward to reading more of it and The Star Trek Voyager book is amazing I’m almost on chapter 12 and I’m almost on page 24 of The Girl With All The Gifts! I LOVE BOOKS! 

Also I’m so glad that Scarlett Moffat won I’m a celebrity take me out of here! I think she deserved to be Queen of the jungle and I wish her all the happiness! 

If any of my followers want to ask me a question go right ahead! 

Happy holidays everyone! 

xo Tris xo 

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