My thoughts on Skins Characters

So I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called Skins and I’m loving it. I feel like I can relate to some of the characters from Season 1.


I like Sid, I think he’s cute and it broke my heart when his dad died, he was so happy that his wife came home.. He died in the arm chair with his cigarette burned out and half a glass of Whisky.. (I could be wrong)


Chris is one of my favorites, he explained to Jal why he was such a fuck up. His dad left/died. When his brother died his mom left and he was alone, he sat in his moms wardrobe when he realised she was gone.


Michelle is my favourite, I think Michelle is very thick skinned.. She’s been through so much especially after Tony got hit by a bus and had to learn who he was all over again. I thought it was wonderful to see Michelle and Tony rekindle their relationship.


Then there’s Tony, his cute but from Season 1 his a bit of a dick because he slept around with other people behind Michelle’s back and then she caught him in the act with Maxxie and she then dumped Tony.. Tony then realised what a mistake he had made and tried to say I love you to Michelle as he was hit by a bus. He and Michelle eventually get back together.


I feel like I can relate to Cassie, she’s in her own bubble and she has a lot f problems especially when it comes to eating food. She goes in and out of hospital and she tried to kill herself when Sid didn’t show for their date.. She reminds me of myself and I do see a lot of myself in her. Hopefully her character gets better the more I watch Skins.


Jal is the girlfriend to Chris, she accidentally gets pregnant by Chris but doesn’t keep the baby. I like her because she is gifted by music and she plays the flute and she also did a performance which I thought she did amazingly. Jal is a strong character and I like that about her.


Maxxie gets bullied by a group of boys for being gay but he doesn’t take no notice of it and then he gets stalked by a girl who has a crush on him and she dresses like a boy he’d maybe like her. She made Michelle sick by giving her 3 of her mothers pills so she could kiss Maxxie in the play that Maxxie was in alongside Michelle. Eventually he finds out and tells her to leave him alone. I also think Maxxie is really hot.

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