New Year’s Resolution

Hey Everybody! ❤

Before I start talking, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sorry I’m a bit late!

Also.. Here’s my first picture of myself from 2017! It’s one of my favorites but I am a person who takes way too many selfies..

My Christmas wasn’t too bad, I opened my presents at midnight and I got a 3D VR headset and speakers with a portable charger and headphones. I’ved used the speaks to watch films better because my hearing has got so bad recently that when my laptop is 100 loud I still can’t hear.. It’s pretty bad.

My dinner was lovely and I can’t remember what else happened.. But I always get stressed over the Christmas and New Year period.

New year was well an eventful day.. I was supposed to of spent it with my mom but she went to her friends house and spent it with her friends instead of me. I hate spending New Year on on my own, I cried to a teddy bear called Darcy.. Went a bit overboard and was talking to myself saying “Everyone is with their friends and families and I’m here bringing in 2017 crying to a teddy..” Yeah that was my new year.. I ended up having an argument with my mom about it  but she was drunk and I had a nose bleed which led to loads more.. I apologised for shouting at her but she didn’t apologise for letting me down. So for me here’s what I want from 2017 but I won’t be changing for anyone and I’m not up for the crap new year new me.

1.) Find a job

2.) Look at getting a flat after hopefully getting  job

3.) Cut myself off from negative people

4.) think more positive

That’s what I want to do but we’ll actually see because I’m rubbish at sticking to stuff.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

xo Tris xo



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