Looking For Work

I have decided to try and find work again as I used to be a Care Assistant. That job lasted about a year until I lost it when they told me I’d be able to transfer which was in-fact not true. I then then had another  Care job which was night shifts and I enjoyed it a lot but I couldn’t keep it due to travel and money.

So here I am in 2017 looking for a new job I’d love to try a different job other than Care work but I’m only trained for Care Work which sucks. Anywho I applied for 7 jobs most being Care Work but Part-Time and out of the 7 jobs I spoke to a manager from Farmfoods and I got an interview on Monday.. I’ve only ever done retail work when I did a 2 week work placement at WHsmiths which I enjoyed a lot.

Obviously I’m still going to apply for other jobs, I’d try waitressing but you need the skills and experience first which sucks. I’m good at talking with others but that’s about it.But hey I’m going to try and remain positive.. This interview could work and I’ll let you know how it goes.

xo Tris xo

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