Medications & Me

So since I began this blog I have been on a few medications, most being Sertraline and now Mirtazapine and the effects are quite different and I’m going to write how these affected me.


Made me feel numb but I felt that I was happy but I couldn’t feel the happy moments that I had, I felt slightly more depressed than usual and often made me feel tired and lack of enthusiasm to do anything. I was on Sertraline for about a year and found out eventually they were not working for me because I overdosed on them and then had no medication whatsoever.


Made me feel like had a lot of energy and enthusiastic which I’ve never felt before, it helps me sleep but I also have noticed I’ve been quite confused whilst on them. They make me feel super hungry at night and I’m having to constantly eat even if I don’t actually feel hungry. They make me feel happy and good within myself but I still don’t have the will to leave my house unless I really want to.

If anyone else has been on Mirtazapine I’d love to hear from you because I’d like to know how you stop eating when you end up having cravings that you can’t seem to stop yourself.

xo Tris xo

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