Drawing When Boredom Hits

I’m not too sure if I have ever spoken about my art but I thought I might as well make a blog about it.

I mainly draw cartoons or something that catches my eye and I attempt to draw it by just looking at it. My main favourite drawing was of Garrett Wang as Pikachu or as Garrett said and I quote “Kim-achu” he actually has that drawing now.. It made me super happy to give him that drawing too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I sometimes draw when I’m bored and will often do a few scrap art work like the Cat eyes and noses I have drawn in one of the images above..I like Cats.

For me drawing has helped me get through some stuff but I’ve never been able to do a drawing without drawing other artworks and attempting to draw them. I want to start painting on some canvases one day and get all the paint because I think I might be better at that..

Also I’ll be trying some digital art once I have the equipment and I’m rather looking forward towards that!! So watch this space. If you liked this blog about My Art then please let me know because I’ll post more of my art when I do some more.

xo Tris xo

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