Going Back To Work – Where My Story Begins

I start work on Friday and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve not been in work since 2016 and I thought it was ridiculous to apply for work because I thought I didn’t have enough ID but I did.

So the interview was what I had expected, I got the phone call the next day saying the job is mine if I still wanted it. I accepted and there were ups and downs because of my name change and my national insurance card being a noob because the numbers had faded a little.

I’m looking forward to having a routine again and I think once I’m settled in I may find a second job so then I’ll be busy which is what I like and have wanted for awhile. I’m going in this job with a positive attitude and try to not get too anxious and hopefully I’ll do well.

My old job was “Care Work” so it’s totally different from anything I’ve done before other than work placement which was with WhSmiths and I really enjoyed doing a work placement with them when I was with “The Prince’s Trust” I’ll talk more about that another time though.

A short talk about my Mental Health & Medication..

My medication is really working, but it’s also been bruising my body. It makes my body ache but I refuse to come off the medication. I don’t want to  mention it to my doctor because while this medication is really working for me I haven’t felt depressed or wanting to cause harm to myself.

Therapy is going well but I missed a session because I was ill and now I’ll be missing another session due to work to which I rang them today and told them. But I’ve had way more good days than bad and I’m enjoying it so that’s a reason I don’t want to go on any other medications.

I hope everyone is well. ❤

xo Tris xo

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