Outside with Nature

So for those who have followed me with this blog know that I barely go out the house unless I really need to or if it’s for work. I have really bad anxiety and I always have to have my headphones with me if I do go out.. Well today I went out and it was super foggy but I was still determined to go out even with my bike! I met some lovely dogs too!

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I went out the house to see my friends horses Isla & Ivy, I took some carrots up for them as when I go and see the horses they make me feel better and happier and they did exactly that! I got some brilliant footage of them too. Isla tried to eat my bag probably because she could smell the carrots that she had recently ate. I also got to meet two shetland ponies and they were so adorable! ❤

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I’m so glad that I went out today and saw the horses because it made me feel so much better, and they really enjoyed the carrots! Isla followed me around a little because she thought I still had carrots XD she always knows when something is up and horses can pick things up like that! I felt..ALIVE. I must do this again!

Also I’m getting my haircut on Wednesday, I’m going back to brown hair and having my hair like B’Elanna Torres and I can’t wait. I’ve also found an outfit that I like and it’s super girly, once I have it all I shall take a picture and show you! ❤

I’m just glad that I forced myself to get out the house and see these babies! ❤

xo The Girl In The Shadows xo

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