A Day At The Hair Dressers

Good afternoon everybody or Good morning wherever you are in the world.

I went to the hair dressers today and got my hair cut and dyed, it used to be purple and now it’s back to brown and I’m quite pleased with it.

Before & After.png

On the left is when I had long purple hair and now on the right is where I had it cut like B’Elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager. It looks and feels loads better from what it was and I feel loads better in myself. Now I’m hoping it will grow longer than before because I’ve been short and I don’t want to have it too short again.

I saw my favourite hair dresser and she is really lovely, always makes you laugh and she’s really good at doing my hair! I trust her so much with my hair over the years and I’d gladly have her do my hair! My hair costed me £70 and I’m still happy with my hair!

Have you ever had your hair cut and it’s been ruined? I’d love to hear from you!

with Love

The Girl In The Shadows

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