Fed Up!

Therapy was really good today, it made me feel loads better but then I went to work.

I ended up arriving late and then having to put my uniform on and then being pulled a side for a chat. Apparently I’m not doing so good at work and I lost an hours pay today because I was late. 

I ended up breaking down because in my head everything is fine everything is perfect. I think this job is the only thing that’s holding me together and yet I’m fucking up so bad. I just want to go home and cry. I’m giving myself until next week and then I’m going to make a decision and decide whether I want to continue with this job. It seems one moment I’m doing good and then next I’m not. 

I just really thought I could be good with his job and really turn my life around and clearly that’s not working. I feel so crap and down I just want to get under my duvet and hide away from the world. Why can’t I stop messing up? šŸ˜­

Love from 

The Girl In The Shadows

2 thoughts on “Fed Up!

  1. To say cheer up would be a hollow but my thoughts are out to you.

    Anyone working cash always has my a tough job. Remember a job is only a means to an end.. You work to allow you to do your other stuff,

    When they spoke to you was it constructive words of advice. a good manager or team leader is there to help you.

    Take it for what it is. Look at the words not your feelings.

    I always say a joke about days like this..just like eating bad Toco Bell.. that too will pass.

    look forward to your next blog post

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    1. Thank you Paul, I really needed that, I wrote this when I was stressed and just had to get it off my chest. I’m trying to take it all with a pinch of salt and remember tomorrow is another day. I’m also having problems replying to you via email as it keeps saying Failed. Do you have another email you could use? Thank you for this comment, it was really needed tonight.

      The Girl In The Shadows


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