Home Sweet Home

Finally got home, I managed to get the bus home as I had a bus ticket from this morning which was good. I brought my mom some toilet roll and brought some garlic bread and myself a bottle of pop, sweets and coffee!! My back and my legs hurt so finally being able to relax is really great right now. I’ve ordered myself chinese takeout! Thought I’d treat myself to a Beef chow mein and Chicken Fried Rice! I think I may even put on a movie.

I feel a little bit better because I just threw myself into work and just got one with it, I did really good and only did 1 mess up. It was on a voucher it was for £5 and I accidentally put it as 5p  and so I apologised and got my colleague to come and help me fix it. But it was only 1 mess up.

I had another issue that I wasn’t going to talk about but now I think I will, BPD doesn’t mean I’m crazy or I’m going to kill someone as some people think that having BPD or traits of BPD will lead me to have a Psycho moment and hurt someone. My BPD assessor thinks I may have Anti-Social Disorder which is a form of BPD. I’m having to go through the BPD people to get a referral to my doctors so they can send it off to Adult Mental Health to get a diagnosis for BPD but need to find out what traits I may have..So please don’t think I will kill you or hurt you if you offend me or upset me.


So I’m thinking of watching a movie, I don’t know what to watch yet so if you have any suggestions just comment below!!

Thank you for those who have followed me today! I really appreciate it.

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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