Outing In Manchester

Yesterday I went to see my friend Lia in Manchester, we used to go to school together and she’s really nice. Lia was in some of my classes at school and sometimes we hung out and sometimes we didn’t. Yesterday was a great day for me, I really needed the day out and to be with a friend and to have that girly talk and gossip and catch up.



I was reading “The Girl On The Train” on a train and I realised I was a girl on a train reading this book and I thought it was funny. I really love this book though, the characters are so well written and once you start reading you can’t put it down and that’s why I think it’s amazing. I’ve not finished it yet though.

I think Paula Hawkins has done so well with this book! It’s fantastic.


Now I have something really good to tell you. You know how I’m afraid of needles? Well I got a tattoo, it’s my first one too. I got it done at Manchester Ink. I thought they did really good and I love it, though I’ve had a few comments from friends saying it could of been better but fuck what they have to stay because I love it.


The reason why I chose this one is because Star Trek: Voyager has gotten me through so many tough days and it’s pulled me up from the ground when I was giving up on myself. In a way if I never watched Star Trek: Voyager I don’t know where I’d be today or who I’d be.

Kate Mulgrew taught me to not be afraid of anything and that sometimes you have to punch your way through and that’s what I’m doing right now! I love my tattoo and it literally means so much to me that I’ve overcome my fear of getting a tattoo and it barely even hurt, it only hurt when the tattooist went over the tattoo again. My tattoo will eventually be turned into a sleeve with the DS9 Space Station and a Borg Cube and possibly some Tribbles. It will be awhile before I get all this done though.

I also brought 2 new tops, 2 DVDs and 4 clothing items from H&M again! I bought a grey dress, black crop top, a crop jumper and a hooded cardigan. I’ll show you once they get here. Also I can’t workout for while in case I sweat out my tattoo.

Let me know what you think. ❤

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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