My Day So Far

So today hasn’t been that eventful but on Saturday I’m meeting a guy for coffee but we’ll see how it goes because you all know that my love life has sucked for a long time. I just want to settle down now with someone but that’s hard to come by.

I made a new friend today, his from China. I found him in the comments section on Facebook and so I messaged him telling him he was cute and now we have been speaking near enough all day and his super sweet. The time zone is way different from the UK. I’m glad I managed to make a new friend because I don’t have many of those.

I have a few friends that live in different cities and some that are in other countries and sometimes we talk a lot and sometimes we don’t. But my friends aren’t the ones to check up on me except for one.. Suzanne and she’s my best friend and we’ve never met in person but we have skyped and she’s known me since school. So finding friends are hard for me sometimes and I love talking to people from different countries.. Especially China, I like Chinese people but I suck at conversations so I struggle with talking to people sometimes.

So I opened my medication to find out I only had 7 pills so the pharmacy have messed up and I need to go in and speak to them when I’m free so I’m thinking of doing that tomorrow and see what they say. I only have 4 left and that’s not good. I’ve broke down and cried twice  but that’s the only time I’ve cried.

Therapy day is tomorrow so I’m hoping it’s a lot better than last time.

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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