Date Night 

My date went perfect, I thought it wouldn’t be that good because I hadn’t spoken to my date that much but it was so much fun and my date was perfect. 

We talked over coffee and got to know each other better and I made sure to tell him that I had been speaking to someone else and made it clear to both of them that I wanted to get to know them both more before I decide on anything. My date was really great, we spoke quite a bit.

Though I babbled on about myself and told him about my Mental Health which I don’t normally do right away but he asked and so I told him about it and he was okay with it. His read some of my blog posts as he was interested in what I blog about. 

We then went bowling 🎳 which I scored 122 and he scored 116 so I won.. And we had so much fun but our lane kept breaking down and so we asked to be moved to another lane and we both scored some amazing strikes.

Then we had more coffee and I’ve drank 3 coffees in total and now I’m completely wide awake and feeling a little sick from all the coffee. 

I’ve mentioned to both men that I like them both and that I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve liked two men at once. Though I’m going to give it ago with the guy I went on a date with tonight as I didn’t scare him off and we wants to see me again. 

My Chinese friend who I’ve been talking to refused to go to sleep until he knew I was home safe and I thought that was really sweet of him and I said to him I don’t want him to think that I’m a bad person for liking him and someone else and he said he would never think of me like that. He suggested I bathe and then go to bed and that is what I’ve done and I feel so relaxed but can’t for the life of me go to sleep and I have work in the morning at 8:30 so I need to force myself to go to sleep and I can’t! Totally sucks when I can’t sleep when I really need too. 

I need to book a dentist appointment as one of my teeth/tooth is quite sensitive and I need about 4 fillings done.. I hate needles but I really need to get my teeth sorted. Urgh.

All in all tonight was amazing. 

Love from 

The Girl In The Shadows 

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