My Second Date

So you know that my first date went well and now we’ve had a second date, We went to a Thai place and had dinner and it was really nice. I had Chicken with fried vegetables, pineapple and rice. It was quite spicy and made my mouth on fire but I enjoyed every bite, then we had desert.. He had a pancake as I had chocolate ice cream that came with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and it was beautiful..Also cooled my mouth down too XD

Then we went to see the film Logan which was absolutely amazing, I cried twice watching that film and also laughed so much, it’s a great film and I recommend anyone who likes X-Men to go and watch it!!

The film ended up being 2hrs long and so my date ended up driving me home, we had trouble getting out the car park and he crashed into a pillar which was kinda funny, then before I got out the car to go to bed.. We hugged. His super sweet and nice. I don’t know what we’ll do next when we see each other again.

I really enjoyed myself, I don’t normally do the whole dating thing I’ve only ever done the relationships.. But I tend to push people away so I don’t hurt them.

All in all it was an amazing second date! 😀

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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