Younique – By Megan Elise

Hey everyone! I’m doing a shout out for my friend Megan Elise, she sells products such as make-up, and other things. I apologise for the delay of the shout out, I have been somewhat busy.

If you want to see Megan’s page you can visit it here ->

And if you’re interested in talking to Megan you can find her on twitter:

or you can view her Younique Facebook group here:

I don’t know too much about Younique as Megan does but I will hopefully buying something from her this friday once I’ve worked out how you do it.

Younique never tests on animals either!

If you want to email any questions for Megan you can also do that too. So check out Megan’s Younique page and get in touch!

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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