Younique Liquid Foundation Review 

I thought I’d do a review of my new liquid foundation from Younique representer Megan Elise. 

I’ve never bought anything from Younique before until now…And I’m absolutely happy with what I’ve got.

This was earlier this morning way before I got my haircut. I put the foundation on whilst my hair was still wet. This photo also has no filter whatsoever.. Normally I always put a filter on my photos but not this one. 

First of, there was no smell to this foundation, it didn’t feel thick or weighed down my face. It made my skin feel smooth and soft, it made my skin look brighter and I didn’t even have to use my powdered foundation which I have 2 of. 

I like this foundation because it doesn’t feel like your face is sticky, and it doesn’t smell! I also like the fact that it isn’t tested on animals, it’s loads better than my other one because I can see how much I actually need rather than squeezing loads out like a hand sanitizer! 

The second picture is of me after I got my haircut and that picture doesn’t have a filter either, my face genially looks loads better than it did before and I love it! 😍

I recommend getting it! I paid £30 but it was £34 with tax.

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows 

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