Harry The Rabbit

So you guys know that I’ve got a Rex rabbit? Well we’ve had to move him downstairs as it’s more easier for him to get access to the garden which he absolutely loves. He likes to kick out with his legs and jump in the air and I love seeing him do that.

I’m going to the pet store today to find out how old he is because we don’t think his 3months old and so he might actually be older than we think he is. Harry has chewed several of my books which I didn’t think a rabbit could actually take a book off my shelf and chew it to shreds, but they were not my favorite books so it’s all good.

Harry hasn’t even touched his chew toy that I bought him so I haven’t got a clue what to do and I’ve put boxes in his cage instead of sawdust except his toilet to which has a bit of sawdust that has poop and pee on to get him using it and I’ve covered it with news paper.

Funny enough last night was his first night downstairs and when I woke this morning to check on him I found that he had pooped everywhere and peed on the floor so I definitely have to get some straw or something. I’m also planning on getting him and outdoor hutch for summer and making my own run in the garden for him with some chicken wire etc I only want the best for him.

Also I’m hoping to get him a carrier either this week or next week so I can get him in for his first injection and then I’ll get him neutered when he starts to hump things…I can’t wait to actually see him hump my teddy bears or my leg but I know it’s not actually funny.

I was a bit ill a few days ago and he kept jumping over me and staring at me so I’m guessing that’s his way of caring or showing me affection. I love him to bits, but If I could I’d change him into a human just to see what he looks like and then change him back to a rabbit.

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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