Being ill

I have been ill recently, and I apologize if some find this blog really gross.

I have ended up with constipation and it’s been two weeks now without going to the toilet for a number 2..Lol. So I’ve been trying to drink more water and my mom bought me some prune juice and it’s disgusting and horrible and I don’t know if I want to drink it. I ended up in pain and tried to ring my doctor but no one picked up and then I rang 111 and they told me to go to A&E and they helped a lot but the medication they gave me didn’t work but I’m hoping the movicol will work soon.

I haven’t been able to blog because I’ve been busy and had stuff go on and had a suicidal moment and bruised my arm but I’m okay now and I couldn’t find my laptop charger but it was actually under my pillow.


The Girl In The Shadows

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