Educating Myself about Ann Frank & Adolf Hitler & WW2

I got myself into reading Ann Frank: Her Life and Legacy and it was the most saddest book I have ever read. I felt so sad that 8 people had to hide in the annex so they could be somewhat safe.. What upset me the most was how many people were treated especially Margot and Ann and their mother Edith.. Edith died in hospital alone with food that she was saving for her daughters, except Margot and Ann died from Typhus and Otto found out when he was finally free.. I don’t know how anyone could of done what Hitler did.. I just don’t get how he could of done that and that’s why I started reading Adolf Hitler: A Life From Beginning to End and that book isn’t written by him but it’s more confusing..

How can someone who wanted to be a priest and a painter become a monster? There must of been something that made him snap to do what he did and I want to understand why it happened and learn more about WW2 and the holocaust.. I can’t remember if we ever learnt about it in school but I knew parts of WW2 and the holocaust but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I read Ann Frank’s book.. I was left disturbed and disgusted that anyone could murder people for who they were.. I pretty much expect the same from Donald Trump.

I’m also going to read Yoko’s Story which is about a girl who was killed by an atomic bomb by the US but the other book is called Hiroshima Nagasaki. The book was suggested by my friend Megan and so I’m ordering the book on Friday.. I want to learn more about the things that happened before I was born and get a better perspective on humanity which is absolutely awful right now.


The Girl In The Shadows

2 thoughts on “Educating Myself about Ann Frank & Adolf Hitler & WW2

  1. Please also read “A Lucky Child: A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy”.. Although nothing can truly compare to the horrors of WWII. I think you may find inspiration in this book.

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