Things Going On In My Life

So you knew when I was ill and well I’m not ill anymore.. Thank god. I’m feeling loads better, I’ve joined a gym and I’ve been going with my friend. We’ve only been twice so far but I’m really enjoying it and it’s so much fun. I’m trying to tone up whilst my friend tries to lose weight.

Work is going really well, it’s not as bad as I used to think it was even though we get the odd customer who is really annoying and downright stupid but hey that’s retail for you. . I’ve also been listening to my friend’s podcast and I felt like a right idiot because I have an IOS phone and so I already had the podcasts app and I didn’t even know it was there.. And now I listen to The Real Brian Show quite often and the podcasts that Brian does really cheers me up and makes me laugh! Literally the best thing ever and you should consider checking it out.

I finally have Harry’s carrier and I’ll be taking him to the vet after the bank holiday for his first injection and gettings his nails cut!!! They’re sharp as hell. As for me & Harry, I brought a tent so me and Harry could hang out together and he absolutely loves it, he had his butt in my face whilst he was watching Rush Hour 1 and it was super funny and even more funny that I had a rabbits butt in my face the whole time.

Now onto medication and all that crap, I’ve taken myself off the Mirtazapine and I’m going cold turkey, the only possible symptoms I’ve had which was yesterday at work.. I ended up with a splitting headache and I kept gagging and so when I finished I went home and had a bit of a rest which included me being in the tent with Harry which was the funniest thing I’ve done in a long time…

I’ve been looking for flats but I’d have to take a second job just to actually be able to move out as the job I have now doesn’t even cover housing costs let alone rent.. Half of the asking prices for weekly are £120+ and I don’t have enough for that.. I got £107 this week and I have other things to pay off so I’m lucky if I have about £50 left to myself which will probably end up being spent on things that I need. So saving up is hard especially when I buy things for no reason which funny enough I don’t know how to stop.. I’m going to try and save up though as I don’t want to be living at my moms forever..


Here’s some photos of me & Harry from last night!

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

4 thoughts on “Things Going On In My Life

  1. Mirtazapine and I’m going cold turkey….. No. NO, NO!! You asking for a world of up’s and downs + the side affects.

    Gradual reduce dosage .. Speak to the Dr. please


      1. Great!.. The problem is you brain misses the “calm” and puts up a fuss.. By the time you really feel the side affects its hard to stop.

        Slow and gradual reduce.. Your Dr will know more.

        Why stop the meds if they help?


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