Hair Cut Wednesday – New Me!!!

Hey everybody, I got my haircut on Wednesday and it’s totally different and so not what I’d normally have but I bloody love it!! I’m also getting my nose pierced tomorrow so I guess I’m becoming a bit of a rebel 🙂 and I can’t wait to get it done too. Also I will be posting the Hairdressers Facebook page so you can find them if you want your hair done by them too! They’re amazing and they deserve way more customers.

Here’s some photos of my hair whilst it was being done, took around 4 hours to do I believe.


And this is one of my favourite photos! 😀


 And this is also my new style too! My mom is very open to me dressing like this.


You can find Hair Progress’s Facebook page here ->

Tell me what you think of my new hairstyle, I’d love to hear your opinions! ❤

Thank You Siobhan, I love my hair and it feels amazing!! ❤

Make sure to check out their Facebook page guys and give them a like!! ❤

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows

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