A New Day

Today is a good day.. Why? I don’t know but I just have a good feeling.

For today’s quote : “Fear exists for one purpose; To be conquered”

I love this quote because it came from Captain Kathryn Janeway who was played by Kate Mulgrew. I have always looked up to this quote because I let many things that scare me take over me and now look at me? I have a nose ring and a tattoo and both of them used to scare the hell out of me but honestly none of them was that painful and the pain eventually goes away.. So don’t let fear keep you from what you want.

So I’m going to work again until 20:30 and I know it’ll be a long shift and I’ve said to someone who I work with that I want to quit because I’m tired, fed up and annoyed.. I know I’m not always good at my job but I try to give it 100% every time and I don’t need people bringing my down because I’m slow or I’m as good as they are. I’ve looking for a new job and I’ve found one I just need to print off my CV and hand it in.

Remember my little Harry? I still have him and he’s a pain in the ass but I’ll eventually be getting him a lady friend when I can get 2 hutches and a run and then hopefully the introduction will go well and then maybe he won’t be lonely and he’ll stop chewing my bed lol. I’m always busy and I barely have time for him but I can’t rehome him because he is apart of my life now and it would be weird for me to come home and not have him there..


Also I have been watching Game Of Thrones, I won’t tell any spoilers but if you have watched Season 7 Episode 2 near the ending a certain cockless prick is a coward and he deserves to die.. Too much? sorry 😛

I also went back to my favorite place yesterday and honestly I needed to be with nature again so badly, nature brings out an inner peace in me that I’ve never known..


Also I have completely taken myself off Venlafaxine (Antidepressants) Which have done more bad than good. I’ve had constant migraines and some of them have been so awful that I can’t get out of bed and having really bad muscle pain from my kneecap down to my legs. If someone had told me that it would be this bad I would never have taken them, I’ve also lost quite a lot of weight too but the only good thing is that I have my appetite back. Also it’s almost been ONE YEAR since I created this blog!! 😀

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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