Massive Geek Out

Hey guys, so yesterday I had a massive geek out like really HUGE! My friend Melissa who I met on Tumblr because we shared an interest with Robert Beltran, we have been talking near enough everyday and she always makes me laugh and she cheers me up like I do her.

So I had no idea that she was going to do this, I had asked her to say Hi to Garrett & Megan as I class both of them as friends and instead she surprised me with this.

garrett Wang autograpth

I never expected her to get me this, I was so surprised and happy and it’s also a feeling that I can’t really explain.. I have some good friends but Melissa is completely different to some of the friends I know.. I have never had a friend do this for me except for when I met Garrett & I have his wonderful girlfriend Megan who I have to thank for that. Anyway I sat smiling for hours, I must have said thank you a thousand times and posted this photo to every social media that I have. I can’t thank her enough, she is literally one of my bestest friends now and I’m hoping that I can Skype or facetime with her one day and also get her something in return for this autograph.

I will never forget my experience when I first met Garrett, I was a massive nervous wreck and all my anxiety disappeared the second he hugged me and when I sat next to him all day though I realized when I was on the train home that I maybe shouldn’t have sat with him all day but I guess I just felt safer next to him rather than the 21,000 people in the room XD though I did walk around after I felt calm enough to do so.. I will definitely not forget that day that’s for sure.. Or this surprise that Melissa gave to me.

I love the fact that I have friends like Melissa and Megan.. And yes I totally geeked out when I saw this photo that had been sent to me on Tumblr. 😀

Thank you Melissa for surprising me with this and thank you Garrett for signing this for me! ❤

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows

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