BPD and Stuff

Hey guys, so later today I’m having my review for my BPD therapy and will be talking to someone about getting more therapy. I’m not nervous like I was the first time I ever had therapy, I know I’m going to be okay and just have to remain positive because It’s what I need to do more..

I’ve been reading a book called “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold and it’s beautifully written and it’s about a 14-year-old girl who was murdered, I’ve never read the book before until now as I’ve only ever watched the film so when I started reading the book I was quite shocked that Susie in the book was actually raped by her murderer and at that point I wasn’t sure if to continue but I did and now I’m on chapter 6.

Bunny talk!! I finally ordered Harry his hutch and it’s absolutely massive so I may show you guys what it looks like when it’s been built because it’s quite big so he’ll have a lot of space to run about. I’m going to use his playpen as a run for now until I can get him one and this morning he did something super funny… He decided to get into his Timothy Hay bag which I found to be hilarious!!

harry in bag

I guess you really are what you eat. XD

I’m also up at 2:45 am drinking coffee and eating munchies because I’m waiting for Garrett Wang & Megan to go LIVE on Twitch and I haven’t seen them live in a while because I wasn’t getting notifications for their stream so now I am trying to be awake and alert when they go live as I really enjoy watching them and totally not in a stalker kinda way 😛

I even said to Megan I think it was yesterday that I was sorry if I was annoying her because sometimes I get paranoid and think I’m annoying people including one of my favourite people aka Megan and she reassured me that I wasn’t annoying her which was good and I re-read some of our old conversations and they were so hilarious and cheered me up.

I am in a somewhat good place right now, I’ve been off medication for 2 months and I’m doing good and I’m still getting used to being a size 4 in clothing and I got some new clothes which are all in size 4 and I love the crop tops I have but I just gotta get used to my belly hanging out lol it only looks bad when I sit down XD! I’ve got to learn how to love the skin that I’m in!!

Also it’s been ONE YEAR since I created this blog and I’m so happy about that, this blog helps me to get stuff off my chest and I couldn’t ask for anything else and I couldn’t do this without my followers who give me support!! I love you guys!!

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows

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