Feel Good Thursday

Hey guys,

I have some great news for you. My desk finally arrived and I love it because it’s a cornered desk so I can use it for gaming and blogging which actually makes me want to write more. It was really crazy getting my desk into my room as it is massive and we had to take a leg off to get it into my bedroom and it looks really nice. desk

I will be hoping to post every day or every 2-3 days so I will be talking about anything which could be work, stress, depression or something that really grinds my gears.

It’s now been 5 months off medication and I can say that I’m doing good, no attempted overdoses and I haven’t felt the need self harm myself. I’ve been doing good except for keeping my room clean which should maybe be easier now that there’s not too much room left.

So with the BPD I’m still waiting for my therapy which at the moment I’m coping well with but if I ever have a low moment or feel the urge to hurt myself I will post here because I always feel better when I write on my blog. For me it’s like a diary and I can write and let go of things and help others whilst I help myself.

I’m also thinking of making myself a bucket list to help me get out of the house and work on my social anxiety because I get super paranoid when people stare at me for no reason so I want to work on that and actually experience things rather than sit in my room and watch other people having fun. So if you have any ideas on what things I should do send me a list or something and I will try and do them and record them at the same time and upload them to youtube or something.

I hope everyone has a great day, love you all! ❤

The Girl In The Shadows

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