If only being ill felt good

This blog is purely about me feeling ill amongst other things. So here goes nothing.

So, I’ve been working like crazy and I keep telling myself “Do it for the money” Because right now I need all the money I can get, I’ve only brought myself one thing this week and that was The Sims 4 Pets and it’s really good. But that’s all I brought myself because my bills were £130.85 this month.. I still live with my mom so I’m not going anywhere yet.

So today I decided I’d write because I feel like crap and I just wanted to post. I’m supposed to be cleaning my bedroom…AGAIN… I wish I could keep it tidy but I suck at that. I woke up this morning with a blocked nose and a sore throat, I hardly ever get ill so I don’t really care that I’m ill. I just feel tired and drained, and that’s probably because I’ve worked about 36 hours this week and my body is now feeling the effects from doing all them hours. But I can’t complain I used to do 45hrs a week when I was a care assistant and I used to earn a lot of money doing that and to some it’s not a lot but to me it was.

I’ve sort of felt down lately because two of my friends have gotten into relationships and part of me wishes I could have that but I don’t leave the house so then why should I have that? I think the next time I get paid I’m just going to take a book and sit in a coffee shop and leave the headphones at home.. I don’t know right now.. I just feel like I’m fading slightly.. All I do is work, eat and sleep.. That is my life. On a good note though I’m back to being a good weight again and that’s because I pay my mom’s friend to cook for me and that’s not because I’m lazy or anything, I don’t know how to cook and I’m always too busy because of work..

This is just a debbie downer post and maybe me just wanting to talk about crap right now. I’m going to try and post each day and just write about anything and everything.

Hope you all have a better day than me. ❤

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows


2 thoughts on “If only being ill felt good

  1. Everyone gets down doing the 9-5 grind.. trust me. Its what you do after work that makes life.

    Going to take a book and sit in a coffee shop sounds like a great idea..

    Work to live… good to see you blogging again


    1. Thanks Paul, everything has just been so busy lately. I did an all day shift at work from 7:30 am till 20:30 pm and honestly I’m exhausted. My boss even asked my to work on my week off so she could go home and I said nope. I’m tired I’m physically exhausted. I’m hoping to write some more soon.


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