The title for this blog is from the song “Photograph” By Ed Sheeran 

First of I have a lot to talk about.. Again.. These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy and busy but before Christmas arrived I went on a date with someone else and we hit it off and now they’re kinda my boyfriend though I’m still getting used to saying that as I haven’t been with anyone in such a long time. I know everyone loves to hear details about who others are dating but for me just imagine Michael McIntyre and well that’s my boyfriend. To me he looks like Michael apart from he has lighter hair. We sorta got together on the 17th and I’ve already met his parents and the 4 cats and dog.

We have seen quite a lot of each other and try to video chat often especially when we are both working and don’t get to see one another but normally we are too exhausted to video chat. I have opened up to this person quite a lot about everything and they took it great and have even read some of my blogs. So yes my boyfriend to me looks like Michael so I have my own minnie Michael.

I don’t normally get a chance to be happy because normally something goes wrong because that’s what happens to me, normally anyway. On our date we went ice skating but wasn’t really good at it and was only on the ice for a few minutes but we ended up going bowling instead and I got my ass handed to me by 103 points by 89. So I lost that game but it was great, we then ate chinese food which was really nice and had a good laugh and finished the date off with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I’ll admit I do need to watch Star Wars from the beginning because I’ve seen it to where Yoda dies and then got confused and stopped watching.. I fell in love with the porgs and I kinda got one for Christmas and it’s AMAZING!.. We also aren’t rushing things we are just taking it slow even though we are already planning on going to conventions which will be pretty fun and may even cosplay.. One day.

Also his name is James and he likes Star Wars and he has a PS4 and the controller is really weird compared to the Xbox One controller. We get on like a house on fire and we make each other laugh and it feels nice. Feels weird to be actually happy but I like it. This doesn’t happen to me.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, my email for this blog is still up and running if anyone needs someone to talk to. My door is always open.

Merry Christmas everyone ❤

The Girl In The Shadows


4 thoughts on “Photograph

  1. sorry to hear that.. better to love and lost then never loved ..

    Love your twitter pic.. get out there and rock the world 😀


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