Production Bedroom

So I’m finally getting around to having my bedroom done and honestly I’m excited! At the moment it’s blue and white. On the left is one blue wall and on the right is 3 white walls and all the white is driving me nuts! I don’t have curtains up at the moment so I only have white blinds and they’re so old and the cat (Pitch) has tore one because I was removing her from my window sill lol.

So I’m planning on having laminate flooring, Wild Orchid walls which is a type of dark purple then I’ll be having black wallpaper which will have purple roses on it and that’ll be on the blue wall as the Wild Orchid will be on all the white walls.. Then I have to get a new lamp shade as I don’t have one at the moment so I get a constant headache because it’s always bright in my room due to all the white. And I’m planning on moving my bed, desk and tv around as I think it’s always good to have a little play around with the bedroom as it makes me feel good. I’m really looking forward to having my bedroom re-decorated because It really needs it and I know it’ll make me feel good. I’ll probably have to buy some shelves for my walls so I can put my books on them even though I have a bookshelf downstairs but If I’m honest I need a better one.

Also I need to get a new bed because my rabbit (Harry) has chewed several bed slats and now my bed isn’t so good so new bed and maybe going back to a single bed because I have hardly any space in my room because of my desk which I adore! I’m also going to buy pencil pots for my art stuff so I have easy access to all of it! So 2018 should be really good considering my room will look better and it’s going to make me super happy! I will make sure to get before and after photos too! ❤

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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