I know it’s not Halloween yet because it’s literally February, but my boyfriend James has introduced me to ‘Halloween’s Michael Myers’ and I gotta say I’m addicted.. I’ve seen Halloween 1,2 and 4 and now 5. I skipped 3 because Michael isn’t in that one and I want to learn more about Michael too. Like for instance, why did he kill his sister? His mask is super creepy though and James thought it would be funny to wear the mask as I was bringing my dinner upstairs and he turned around in my gaming chair wearing the Michael Myers mask.. I could of killed him right there.. told him to fucking take it off.

The thing I find most creepy about Michael is the fact he is so emotionless and he never says a word.. And you never see his eyes in the white mask that he wears.. I think he could be possessed seeing as he had 2 bullets to the face by Laurie Strode and was shot 6 times by Doctor Loomis and then burnt to a crisp by Doctor Loomis.. And he’s been buried alive.. Is there nothing that can kill this psycho…

I’ve also started playing dead by daylight which is a game on PS4/Xbox One and you can play as Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.. I’ve played the game several times because James introduced me to it and I killed 3 people on it this morning as ‘The Huntress’ though I haven’t done my research on her yet.. It was really fun though. If I upgrade so I can post videos on here would you the reader want to see one of my live streams of Dead By Daylight? Also do you like the Halloween films?? Let’s discuss in the comments below or simply go to the page ‘Contact Me’ and send me an email!

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

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