Are You With Me

For this blog I used the song title “Are You With Me” by Lost Frequencies 😀

I haven’t written anything since my last blog, I have been really busy and had so much go off especially with work and my boyfriend and now I have so many new things happening in my life.

I managed to sort things out with my boyfriend James and we worked out our differences and we are closer than ever and we now tend to talk out a problem rather than just shouting at one another.  Before I met my boyfriend I had only ever slept with a woman but I have now overcome that with my boyfriend which I’m kinda proud of myself as my insecurities towards men were not that good especially when it came to intimacy and now we have got past that and that has made us a lot closer.

I guess all the abuse that I suffered as a child scarred me to the point I felt women were safer to be around/be with.. That was until I dated Rachel of course and if you’ve read my former blogs you’ll know who she is and how our relationship was. I think I’m just glad that I overcome something that I was scared of and instead of being scared I found somebody who goes at my pace and makes me feel safe which I thought would never happen because of these insecurities towards men as I thought they were all the same. Until I met James, and then he changed my mind.

I finally managed to get my cat Pitch to the vet for an official check up and she’s got all of her injections and my boyfriend James wormed her for me. The vet said she’s healthy and there’s nothing wrong with her. Pitch will have some more injections soon though and I want to get her chipped before I even consider her going outside as she used to be an outdoor cat but she only goes out on a harness now and It pisses me off when my neighbour tells me to just let her go outside by herself without a harness because it’ll be better for her.. Uh no it will not because what if she gets scared and runs off and doesn’t come back? Like fuck you. I’m also possibly getting a kitten too and I really do want a second cat and so Pitch can also have a friend and if it’s a boy I’m thinking Bilbo after Bilbo Baggins!!

Pitch Cat

And another thing I’ve been addicted to reading about Serial Killers, I’ve always been intrigued with murders and why people do them.. The worst one’s I’ve read so far are Albert Fish and Ted Bundy, when I do read them they’re sickening but also left me wanting more questions as to why they actually did that even though I already have all the answers. The ones I hate the most are the Wests.. They make my skin crawl, I absolutely hate them.

Here is a list of the people I have read about in the book “Serial Killers” by Chris McNab

  1. Andrei Chikatilo
  2. John Wayne Gacy
  3. Harold Shipman
  4. Ted Bundy
  5. Pedro Lopez
  6. Gary Ridgeway
  7. H.H.Holmes
  8. Albert Fish
  9. Joachim Kroll
  10. Jack The Ripper

And I’m about to start reading about Dennis Nilsen who at the moment I have no idea who he is but I will soon. I’ve also read a lot about female Serial Killers too and here’s my list of female serial killers from the book “Evil Women” by John Marlowe

  1. Jane Andrews
  2. Tracie Andrews
  3. Celeste Beard
  4. Sue Basso
  5. Betty Broderick
  6. Stacey Castor
  7. Joyce Cohen
  8. Adele Craven
  9. Evelyn Dick
  10. Nancy ‘Nanny’ Doss
  11. Ruth Ellis
  12. Kathleen Folbigg
  13. Tracey Frame
  14. Rita Gluzman
  15. Sarah Harvey
  16. Marie Hilley
  17. Kimberly Hricko
  18. Elena Kiejliches
  19. Nancy Kissel
  20. Katherine Knight
  21. Ann Miller Kontz

I guess you can say my list is pretty long when it comes to reading about female serial killers.. On a good note though I am learning about a lot of things that I wouldn’t have at school and to be honest it has made me want to go to college to study science so I can learn about Forensics but then it’s also finding the time to do that. What I have learnt so far though from reading the serial killers that have men in them they’re worse than the ones that I’ve read about the females. It’s quite sickening really.. And I can’t help but want to know why.. If you have read any books about serial killers get in touch!

Another good thing that has happened is that I have joined a workout class with my friend Jennifer and we’ve also convinced my boyfriend James to join in and honestly I feel way better than I did before and I’ve been finally cooking for myself and it’s actually quite good although my first attempt was rather poor but my spaghetti Bolognese was a huge hit with my boyfriend as he loved it and he got full after 5 minutes lol. I’ve already noticed that I’ve slimmed down and my stomach is getting slightly slimmer which is what I want, I know I’m not fat but I want to look better and feel better.  I will at some point post some photos of me in my workout clothing so you can see the difference too although I still need to work on my body confidence.

So other than me reading and watching a huge amount of serial killers and fixing things with my boyfriend and getting my body in better shape I’ve been great! Still not on any form of medication whatsoever and still not depressed and I still want to help other people with Depression and BPD.. Which I myself I’m still waiting to be diagnosed and I’m still on the waiting list for MBT therapy which feels like forever! Oh and I also edited the photo aka banner for this blog which I thought was pretty cool!

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows

4 thoughts on “Are You With Me

  1. Tris,
    Hello there. Glad to know you are getting healthy and your boyfriend and you are doing well.
    I’m still feeling ecstatic about Garrett and Megan knowing who I really am. Last week he forgot I was from AR.😂🤣 I practically live for his live Twitch feeds!😂
    Anyway stay strong and will chat soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So Glad things are working out well for you!! Just keep smiling. Men are not all the same sometimes you find a good one.

    Keep the cat on the harness safer for the cat and birds in the area
    Most times Cats and kittens don’t mix well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! Me and my boyfriend are doing well now and she’s been outside once without the harness and she liked it but I need to find a decent harness that she can’t escape out of.


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