My Christmas

My Christmas was somewhat eventful, I spent Christmas morning with my boyfriend and it was great because we finally got to spend Christmas with each other. We didn’t get much sleep because we were too wide awake, so at 3am I opened all my Christmas presents and we watched some films but by 5am we were so tired and went to bed and didn’t wake up until 9am.

I normally don’t like Christmas and that’s because of my mother, this year my boyfriend had to convince her to get me something because she kept on saying she didn’t have any money or she would claim she didn’t know what to get me which she does every year because she doesn’t know me. So this Christmas was a lot better because I got to wake up to my handsome boyfriend who got me the most stupidest card ever. It was of a bunch of cats driving in a car with a Christmas tree but I gotta admit it did make me chuckle.

Christmas for me isn’t about the presents, it’s about who you spend it with and I don’t have much family so  I normally end up hating Christmas.. I was ill throughout Christmas because of a chest infection and my boyfriend took good care of me, he’d hold me whilst I was all snotted up and coughing like crazy and it made me feel safe.. Not like fat santa was coming to get me or anything. So thank you to my wonderful, handsome boyfriend I had the best Christmas ever and I cannot wait to spend another Christmas with you. I love you, you silly nerd ❤

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows

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