The Quest of Finding a Job

So in December 2018 I quit my job, I was having problems and I just had enough because in my retail job I knew I wasn’t happy and that’s because of the management and I felt like whatever I did was never good enough. I felt miserable and a part of me knew that I was slipping and by this I mean Mental Health wise, I knew I was close to doing something I didn’t want to do so I quit my job and worked my notice and left.

Quitting my job was a choice that I didn’t take lightly because I knew it would leave me with no money and probably way more depressed but I’ve had the support of my boyfriend and my friends to get through the worst days. On my last shift I actually had an interview for another job, it was for care work and it was night care but me being me it wasn’t going to happen.. Why dare you ask? Well I got a lovely chest infection which made me feel so weak and I had to cancel my interview many times and eventually I just gave up because it felt pointless.

So right now I’m waiting to find a new job because currently I have yet again some cough which there is no reason for it, I think it could be my Asthma coming back but the doctor said if it doesn’t go away in 2 weeks then it means I must have an X-Ray on my chest so I’m hoping this cough just goes away. Everything is on hold because there is no way I can go into an interview coughing up until I end up gagging. It just wouldn’t go very well.

Other than having no job and no money I don’t feel so stressed, I’m trying to take time out for myself and trying to relax in the process of getting rid of the cough and then hoping to sort my ID out and also look for a job whilst coughing like a maniac.

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows

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