My 25th Birthday

Birthday was actually on January 7th

Normally I hate my Birthday just like I hate Christmas and New Year but this time was different. I wanted to be surrounded by my friends, they mean a lot to me. First of there’s Beth, Dave, Sam and of course my boyfriend James. But I can’t start off with the good stuff just yet, I mean you know me right? Always have someone or something to let me down.

So the night before my birthday I think me and James were watching a film, we were quite ill that day. I had a cough which refused to go away and I remember saying to him that I don’t think my mom got me anything for my birthday and he asked her and she said that she didn’t get me anything. I thought nothing of it at first because apart of me thought that she was lying because she was good at that.  We stayed up really late, I Introduced him to a show on Netflix called YOU.. Which is really good might I add. When it hit midnight I pretty much begged him to allow me to open my presents and the worse part is I knew what they were because I worked out what they were, The bohemian rhapsody CD and a Spyro game control holder which is really awesome! And the stupid Cat birthday card, was hilarious to look at.

We went to bed and slept for a while, normally when we sleep we cuddle and I wrap myself around him because he makes me feel safe and he always smells damn good. So when I woke up, he kissed me on my head and wished me a happy birthday and I went downstairs because I left James in bed to get some extra sleep so I continued watching YOU on my xbox and I remember my mom coming in and saying happy birthday and I somewhat said “Piss off, I know you haven’t got me anything” and I was angry, she said that I didn’t get her anything for her 50th Birthday so I immediately thought that was why she never got me anything and she never apologised and she hurt me.

I went in the shower and whilst I was in there I cried for a while, I guess it’s silly of me to think that she could ever care about me, to think that I even matter to her when I don’t. When I got out the shower I was trying to hide my tears from James, he knew something was up and I kept saying I was fine.. Of course you can only say “I’m fine” until you break. In the end I told him what happened between me and my mom and he held me and said he was sorry because of my mom and he told me to not let her ruin my day and I listened to him.

So, the first thing we did was meet our friend Sam, he bought me chocolate and they’re so tasty but some of them are a little too sweet. We then went to the bus station to meet our friend Dave who bought me Disney Villains colouring book and The Meg DVD. We walked to Waterstones to pick up Volume 2 of PaperGirls as my friend Lottie was picking me up Volume 1 and PaperGirls is really good, I almost finished the whole thing when I first picked it up. I also picked up The Green Mile by Stephen King as I really liked the film when I watched it with my mom.

Me, Sam, Dave and James went bowling which was really fun our lane kept breaking anytime someone got a strike so eventually they moved us, it was really funny because I got my ball stuck and Sam smacked his ball into mine which I got mine back but his got stuck lol. Then Dave tried and his ball hit Sam’s and it was thrown to the other side of the gutter, we were all in stitches of laughter. Dave won both rounds, he kept breaking the damn lane because of his strikes! GOD DAMN YOU DAVE!! (Just a typical Dave) 😉


We all went to TGI Friday’s after which is my ultimate restaurant ever! They gave me some crazy balloon hat and they sang happy birthday to me, it was great because I was surrounded by people who made me happy and it made me feel great and made me forget about my mom letting me down.

crazy hat

Me, James and Dave went to see Mary Poppins Returns and oh my god, do NOT watch it. I hated it and so did James, our friend Dave on the other hand loved it and me and James just wanted to go but we stayed. I ended up having a coughing fit and every time I coughed some jerks behind me kicked the chair and James had to run off and get me a drink in hopes to settle my cough. I felt like I was choking to death, I tried holding it in and it made things worse. Urgh, just don’t do it.

We went to my friend’s house (Lottie) and picked up the Volume 2 of PaperGirls and had a coffee, Lottie was exhausted but me and her ate the birthday cake from TGI Friday’s and we loved every bite of it. Then all 3 of us went back to mine and played Use Your Words on my Xbox and watched Scream. I remember snuggling James a lot that night, just the feeling of being in his arms made everything even better.

Love From

The Girl In The Shadows


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