My Smear Test

I had my smear test today, I was quite nervous as this was my first time having it done and it didn’t hurt it just felt like a lot of pressure. Lizzie told me that I will get my results back in 6 weeks so I’m hoping they’ll come back okay. So I was really nervous because I was worried about having the smear test and have my results come back saying I have Cancer which is pretty daft but I was nervous and didn’t know anything about it other than what my mother was telling me.

Lizzie told me that the percentage of women who don’t have their smear test has dropped from 75.7% to 72.7% from 2011 to 2016. I think us women should be having the smear test because it’s very important. It’s not scary, it doesn’t hurt. I think us women should come together! ❤

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows

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