More hard work

Good Morning everyone,
I’m tired but I’m working hard to get my bedroom done and I kind of had McDonald’s yet again but this time I became a little fatty because I had…

Double Bacon and Egg McMuffin with Extra Bacon, Extra Egg and Extra Sausage and a breakfast wrap with Ketchup and 2 has browns and large diet coke. I haven’t managed to eat all of it yet, so it’ll be my source of energy for later lol. I haven’t fed the cats yet but I’ve just refilled the steamer so I can steam the underlay from the window and then I’ve got the left side to do and the floor is such a mess because there’s so much crap on the floor as I took apart my cornered desk as I’m going to be having a smaller one and it’s a lot nicer as it’s got 2 small drawers and then 1 big one so it’ll be really good for my Xbox and any storage if I use it for office stuff which I might.

So, after I’ve done all the underlay then I’ll be cleaning the floor up a bit and the only part I can’t do is near the wardrobe because I can’t move it but my friend Rob is going to help me move it on Thursday when he comes to see me for a few days and he’s going to help me wash the walls so they can be painted by my moms friend. In all honesty I cannot wait until my room is finished so then I can buy all the new furniture and be able to relax. I’m also thinking of getting an armchair just for reading so I can read and relax at the same time. I just want a place that’s nice and suitable for me or anyone that stays over.

Now the joys of steaming so I must leave you and bid you all a good day. ❤

Love from
The Girl in the Shadows

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